Property Escape – Sell Your Property Fast For Cash

The team at Property Escape totally appreciate how selling a property can be time consuming, stressful and full of hidden charges. So, they decided to go against the grain and create a service that is fast, hassle-free and subject to no additional fees! How, you ask? Well, Property Escape guarantees a cash offer on any property, within just 24 hours, and they pay all fees themselves, giving you extra peace of mind. So, if you wish to sell your property fast, simply give them a call on 0203 916 5960, email or fill out the form on their website for a free quote – lines are open 24/7.

Property Escape will make an offer on any property – no matter the damage or situation – with the money typically arriving in your account 7 to 21 days after you accept their offer. That’s a lot faster than going through a traditional estate agent where the sale can take months! With Property Escape, there’s no chain, no hassle and no waiting around!

Problematic Properties

Property Escape will make a cash offer on any properties classed as ‘problematic’. This includes, but is not limited to, properties with legal issues, structural issues, foundation issues, properties with freeholders that are absent, properties that failed to get planning permission and properties with short leases.

Property Escape will present you with a cash offer on literally any property – if you accept, then the money should be with you within 3 weeks, getting rid of your tricky property and releasing some cash!

Short Leases

Properties with short leases can be very tricky. If the lease is less than 80 years then properties often become unmortgageable, and consequently really hard to sell. The value of the property can fall drastically, and the cost of extending a lease can be enormous – leaving you with a difficult situation.

With the average estate agent sale taking 19 weeks, Property Escape realise that sometimes you might need to move quicker, and will offer you a cash amount within 24 hours of your request for a quote. Any fees incurred will be covered by them, not you, so you can relax.


Did you know that 1 in 10 people over 60 consider emigrating abroad? Property Escape understands that these are huge decisions, and that the last thing you need when you’re planning your big move is to be held back by a slow sale.

They understand the ‘need for speed’, and will buy any property, providing a cash offer in just 24 hours, with the average time for the money to reach your account being less than 21 days. They’ll also absorb any and all fees – meaning you can leave safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

Commercial Properties

Property Escape doesn’t just buy domestic, residential buildings. The team also buys all sorts of commercial properties too, including shops, restaurants, beauticians, surgeries and many, many more. Unlike some estate agents, Property Escape also buys ‘off the high street’ – so commercial buildings like factories and warehouses are all up for grabs!

Property Escape understands that you may have troublesome tenants in your commercial property – do not fear! They will buy the property and inherit your tenants, as well as covering all legal fees, giving you total peace of mind.


Property Escape don’t just buy property – they also buy land. Whereas most people associate land sales with vast acres, Property Escape will make an offer on any strip of land – no matter how small! They will even buy plots that have failed to obtain planning permission.

Whether you have fields or a tiny patch at the bottom of your gardens – they’ll make a cash offer within 24 hours of your quote submission.

Ground Rents

Managing an unwanted freehold ground rent can be difficult; collecting miniscule amounts of money, having to communicate with leaseholders – it’s a lot of work for little gain. Luckily, Property Escape will buy any ground rents throughout England and Wales.

The value of your ground rent can be determined by the market value of the flat, the ground rent paid per flat, the terms of the lease and any review clauses that may be in effect. Contact Property Escape now for a free quote!


Subsidence basically means any structural issues, including sloping floors and roofs, large cracks by doors or windows or cracks in the wall that are wider than 3mm. Quite often mortgage lenders will reject a home with subsidence issues, and they can be incredibly expensive to fix – it can cost as much as £50,000 to get your property back to the saleable standard.

However, Property Escape will make an offer on any property, no matter the structural issues. If you’d like a hassle-free sale on a very tricky property, they can provide you a quote within 24 hours.

Probate (Inheritance)

Property Escape knows that sometimes people inherit properties from their friends or relatives. Sometimes, they don’t have any use for these properties, and what with probate and solicitors fees, it can end up being an expensive process.

They also know that in a difficult, sensitive time, the last thing you might want to be doing is shift through the legal paperwork on a property. Property Escape will absorb all fees and legalities, and buys probate properties as soon as 14 days into the process.

Sitting Tenants

In certain circumstances, Property Escape knows that tenants can prove a little tricky. Sometimes, tenants don’t wish to leave and with regulations tightening on tenant’s rights, it can be difficult to sell your property at the time that you want to sell. In certain circumstances, difficult tenants can hinder your attempts to have viewings.

With Property Escape, there’s no need to go through the difficult process of eviction. They will buy your property outright, and inherit the tenants with the sale, making them Property Escape’s responsibility, leaving you free to relax and move on.


A lot of people choose to go with an estate agent when selling their house – but auctions are an equally viable way to go. With an auction you could potentially get more than the valued asking price, so it could be worth your while.

Property Escape has good, long standing relationships with auction houses across the country, so they’ll be sure to speed up the process. Generally speaking, auctioned properties take 28 days to go live – Property Escape can help push this process through quicker, getting you to auction sooner!


Repossession can be a very difficult situation; if you fall into arrears, you may be served notice and have to go to court, all the while falling behind on bills. In the worst case scenario you may have to vacate the property with very little notice, and bailiffs could be called in.

Property Escape can help you avoid any difficulties and will happily offer a cash amount for any property. They will take care of the fees: if you are in debt they will deduct that amount, pass it to the relevant third party, and then transfer the rest of the money to you.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a very problematic plant. If you have an infestation in your home, it can cause serious damage and structural issues, and can take up to half a decade to remove! It can even push its way through concrete! As such, estate agents often don’t want to sell properties with an infestation, and if they do, you’ll find the value has seriously decreased.

Removing the knotweed can be very expensive – if you’d prefer to avoid the hassle and time, Property Escape will make a cash offer on any property with Japanese Knotweed, and will take any fees off your hands.


HMOs (Houses with Multiple Occupancy) can be very tricky to sell. Most potential buyers who are interested in an HMO will need a bank loan, delaying the buying process and slowing down your cash release. However, Property Escape buys any properties – from 4 beds to 60 beds – as quickly as they can, with the average payout taking less than 21 days.

You might be looking to sell an HMO because you’ve had vacant rooms for a long time, or perhaps you have some problematic tenants. When you sell to Property Escape they inherit your tenants – relieving you of any difficult responsibilities. They also cover any and all fees – so you be assured that everything is under control.

Get a quote

If you’d like help expediting the sale of your property, give Property Escape a call on their 24 hour helpline 0203 916 5960 or email them on – alternatively hop on over to their website and have a browse for further information about the company and its services, then fill in their form for a quick quote whenever you’re ready.